《Let's Eat Home》歌词:

I like to stroll on the Costa Dell Soul at sunrise

And to me Waikiki is the place to be speakin' fun wise

I like to dine in the foreign time palatso

You can laugh and call me fatso, that's okay by me

I like to stick with the first class ticket buyers

Setting trends with my trend setting friends

The frequent fliers

I like to shop on the Champs De Elesee

Eat curry in old Bombay

And spend New Years eve in either Tel Aviv or Rome

But if it's all the same to you

Let's eat home

I like to lunch with the bunch in old Savanna

I know a swell motel North of Callispell Montana

I like to eat in my suite at the Savoy Plaza

And I know a bar in Ghaza, where they serve goblet tea

I jump a jet, just to ensemble one set in Rio

To say "Hi, how's the folks?"

May be swap a few jokes with the trio

And then it's off to my condo in Spain

Hang glide off the coast of Maine

And spend Labour Day in either Montreal or Rome

But if it's all the same to you

Let's eat home


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